What is this place?

Fridge to Food is a collaborative cookbook. It is a place for foodies to share recipes and food photography.

What recipes may I post?

Any recipe you want to. As long as it involves food (where food can include drinks) it is welcome here.

What images may I post?

Only images that you have taken and therefore own the copyright to. Images taken from other people or off of other websites will be removed.

What is a "vote"?

A vote is a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down". The votes you see for each recipe are the sum of the votes up (thumbs up) minus the sum of the votes down (thumbs down). When you are logged in and viewing recipes you can choose to vote them up or vote them down. A vote up means you really like the recipe. A vote down means you really don't like it. When voting on recipes, you should only vote for recipes you have prepared and tried. When you vote on a recipe, you are announcing to the Fridge to Food community, "I tried this recipe and I loved it!" Or you are saying, "I tried this recipe and I hated it!"

When browsing the image gallery you'll have a chance to give individual images an up or down vote. You can choose to vote up images that really entice you to try the recipe, or ones that you feel are really representative of the recipe. Or you can choose to vote up images that you feel display both excellent cooking skills (the food looks delicious) and excellent photography skills (the image is well taken). It's all up to you really.

What is a tag?

Tags are simply another way of organizing or sorting recipes. They can be used to denote a recipe's origin or ethnic background, any allergens in the recipe, any special diets the recipe is okay for or any other feature of the recipe someone might be interested in searching for.