Brined Roasted Turkey



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Preparation Time5-6 roasting time + overnight brining

Serves10 + people

1 Whole Turkey
3 yellow onion
3 red apples
2 lemon
1 cup butter
1/2 cup diced garlic
6 tablespoons dried rosemary
1/2 gallon apple cider
3/4 cup salt

1. Mix salt, apple cider,the juice from one lemon, and 3 tablespoons of rosemary together in a large pot and submerge the turkey. Add enough water to completely submerge the turkey.

2. Let the turkey soak for at least 4 hours, though overnight is preferable.

3. Remove turkey from brine, and pat dry. The brining solution may be thrown away at this point.

4. Mix together butter, garlic, and the remaining rosemary and stuff UNDER the skin of the turkey. Be sure to be thorough, as this step helps keep the turkey moist.

5. Finely dice the onions, apples, and both lemons (including the peel/pith). The finer these are chopped, the more juice they will produce during cooking.

6. Stuff the chopped ingredients into the turkey. Any remaining ingredients can go into the pan beneath the turkey for added juice.

7. For the first 15 minutes of cooking, roast the turkey at 450 degrees to encourage the skin to brown. After 15 minutes, turn the heat down to 350 degrees and bake until done. I recommend checking the CDC guidelines to determine how long your turkey should be cooked.

8. One final piece of advice - flipping the turkey upside down about an hour into roasting will ensure it is evenly done. While this step is not required by any means, if you're feeling strong, I definitely recommend it.

9. Be sure to watch the temperature of the bird carefully! You don't want to undercook the bird, but overcooking it wastes all the effort you took in brining and buttering to make it moist and tender.


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