Toad In The Hole



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Source The English Kitchen

Preparation Time


2 large eggs
4 oz plain flour
1/4 pint milk
1/4 pint water cold
to taste salt and pepper
6 sausages good quality, herby
2 tbsp lard (or drippings or cooking oil)

1. On a low heat cook the Sausages in a frying pan on all sides until nicely browned and sticky. Do not prick the skins! Allow to cool.

2. Crack open the eggs into a large measuring jug and beat well. Add the milk and water together, mixing it all together really well. Set aside.

3. Sift the the flour into a large bowl and season with a sprinkling of salt & pepper. Make a well in the centre. Gradually whisk in the liquid mixture, whisking until you have a stiff but smooth batter with no lumps. Allow to rest for half an hour.

4. Pre-heat the oven to 205*C/425*F. Slip the lard or oil into a deep sided baking tin and place just this in the oven. Once it is quite hot and the fat is sizzling, quickly, but carefully, take it out and rest on the top of the hob. Pour in the Batter mixture. Then add the Sausages, parallel to each other, the length of the tin.

5. Place back into the oven and bake for around half an hour until the batter is puffed up, golden brown and crispy. Serve cut into squares with fluffy mashed potatoes and a delicious gravy of your own choosing.

Dec 19, 2010 1:11:08 AM AFuddyDuddy said...

Are you kidding me? This sounds awesomely delicious.

Sunday brunch anyone?

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