Chicken Broasted Recipe



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Source Broasted Chicken Recipe

Preparation Time1 hour


1/2 Maida glass
1 chicken fowl(cut into 4 broast pieces)
Dark Liven up
Oil for broiling
1 cup Bread Crumps
Salt to the taste
2 Egg in number
Red Chilli
1 tbsp Ginger Garlic cloves cloves Place

1. Presently dunk the chicken pieces into beaten eggs, bread crumbs and apply first glance, and then keep them at the ice box for fifteen seconds to become put. Marinate chicken bits with dark pepper, salt, ginger and garlic and also maintain them in a cooler for about 60minutes.

2. At previous, fry the chicken pieces into oil to 15-20 minutes in typical warmth until it turns golden brown from bothsides.

3. Whisk each one of the eggs and also include dark and salt pepper.

4. Presently, roll up the chicken bits into Maida deliberately.


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