Simple Rasgulla Recipe in Hindi



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Source Simple Rasgulla Recipe

Preparation Time45 mins


1 tablespoon Rava Semolina -
1 Cow's Milk - litre
1 Lemon Juice - no (or Vinegar - 2 tablespoons )
3/4 cup Water -
3/4 cup Sugar -
1 tsp Rose Water -
Food Colour - Yellow Orange (discretionary )

1. To make the paneer, first boil the milkthen add lemon juice or juice , mix well for few seconds until the milk curdles fully additionally carbonated water will divide completely and remove from fire.

2. Strain each of the whey using a clean damp muslin cloth or thick cotton material and wash with cold water.

3. Gather the material from all the 4 sides and squeeze out all excess water. Then knead with Rava / semolina for 15mins with hand till very delicate and free of lumps.

4. Divide the dough into 3 parts and then add food color engrossed.

5. Then roll to 1" ball size and maintain a side.

6. Now to produce Sugar syrup, heat the water and sugar, bring to boil till sugar dissolves.

7. Then add the rolled chunks and then cook for 5 to 7mins in simmer till twice the size.

8. Ready to serve.


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